Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Been a while, but been doing alot. Here's a bit of what's been keeping me busy in the last few months:

Got shipped to Germany for work in November. The trip was fun but too quick and busy to do much of any sight seeing.

Got to ride over on a big ole jet. Both times I've flown into Europe they've parked us outside and made us walk to the terminal, not sure if that's normal or if I'm just special.

Here's the two other guys I traveled over with and our BMW rental car outside of McDonald's. Of course after we come all this way that's the place they want to eat. Just after this picture I got to get behind the wheel on the autobahn and hit 200kph!

Our booth at the Agritechica. For our first full day in Hannover we figured it would take less than an hour to set this up and then have the rest of the day to sightsee but we wound up spending about 10 hours sitting around waiting for our TV to show up.
Panorama shot of our building. This show was HUGE! There were about 25 buildings and 17-18 of them were as big as this one!

Me and my plane just before taking off alone from Frankfurt.

Back home to play Mr. Potato head with Susie.

Been honing my skills on repairing busted carbon frames, getting better at it all the time.

Finished product.

Got to help out with some Christmas decorating.

While in Boise for Thanksgiving I made it out to enjoy the warm weather on that side of the state on a couple of MTB rides.

But then made it back to our beautiful home before getting too used to the non-cold.

Santa Came!

The Parker men made a manly (and crowded) drive down to see the Fiesta Bowl.

Thanks to me and my super spectator skills the Broncos were able to head home triumphant!

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